Getting the most out of Laser Light City

Getting the most out of Laser Light City


We source the biggest lasers we can get our hands on and install them on city landmarks. We’ve made easy to use software so you can have full laser control at your fingertips. But of course what you can’t control is the weather!

Lasers are more visible in some atmospheric conditions than others; at times the sky will be filled with spectacular laser beams that can be seen from any angle! And at other times you might have to work a little harder to get the best view.

The perfect conditions are when there’s a slight haze in the air and not too much cloud cover. If it’s like this, the lasers can be seen from miles around! In less ideal conditions the lasers are most visible when they’re coming towards you.

What if it rains?

The lasers actually look great in the rain (and the snow as it happens!). So as long as you bring your waterproofs you’ll be fine.

Will I be able to see the lasers from my home?

Maybe! But it depends on the atmospheric conditions, how dark the sky is, and where exactly you live. We will always advertise the best spot for where to view the lasers, but we hope you can find a creative way to enjoy and capture the project.

Do you have any photography tips?

As with any dark sky phenomena, these lasers are best captured with light sensitive cameras but modern mobile phones should be able to handle it (again depending on the conditions).

We like the Night Cap app for night photos (although keeping the phone steady helps). If you know a good Android alternative please let us know.

There have been some great long exposure and multiple exposure comps from our events so far. We encourage you to get creative and we’ll always re-post our favourites (with permission of course).