How it works

Once the event starts, we’ll post a link on the relevant event page that will give you access to the system.

You’ll be presented with a list of the available laser sites. Tap on the site you want and you’ll then have the chance to join the queue. IMPORTANT : do not let your phone switch off or you will lose your place!

Once it’s your turn you’ll get a countdown and then the lasers will be at your fingertips! Move the laser around by tapping and dragging on the screen. You’ll also have a choice of colours and shapes.  

At certain times there will be additional controls at the bottom of the screen to change the shape and colour of the beams.

The laser control interface

There will also be a progress bar at the top of the screen which shows you how long you have. The amount of time you have to control the lasers varies depending on how busy we are, but it is usually between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.